As producers of video, documentary and broadcast programs, we craft compelling and meaningful stories and bring issues and ideas to life. As passionate and creative changemakers and media impact strategists, we create campaigns to assure issue driven projects and organizations make a difference in the world. We also guide creative leaders, advocates, organizations and small businesses to shape and fine-tune their projects, media presence and messages effectively to make them shine.

Kathy Barbini

Co-owner of Big Voice Pictures, and Producer/Director, Kathy is an independent documentary producer and award-winning television producer. Her documentaries, funded by leading foundations, and endorsed by Maya Angelou and other leaders, have been broadcast nationwide, screened in hundreds of communities, and distributed internationally. She produces client-based documentaries and advocacy films, and implements strategic impact campaigns for documentaries, including organizing hundreds of screenings and panel discussions. Additionally, she produces client based videos, and is key media adviser and consultant on numerous client projects. Prior to founding Big Voice Pictures, Kathy worked as producer for national television programs and specials. Sample productions include: an Ace-Award winning daily series for The Discovery Channel; an ACE-Award nominated year-end special for MTV Networks; associate producing a prime-time presidential election-eve special on three major networks. She was also Project Director for HBO’s national benefit screening tour and gala events for the Emmy Award-winning documentary Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam. Ms. Barbini started her early career working on leading magazine programs for ABC and NBC News, including Nightline and The Sunday Today Show. Her client produced documentary, Pursuit of Truth, received recognition and won awards in national film festivals. Her independent documentaries, The Healing Years and Boys and Men Healing became acclaimed films, utilized by thousands of organizations internationally. She was awarded by Lifetime Television and The Times Square Project with recognition for helping end violence against women. Her films illustrate her commitment to shedding light on challenging and controversial issues.

Simon Weinberg

Co-owner of Big Voice Pictures, Simon is an expert marketer, distributor, and impact strategist for documentaries and independent features. He is also Co-producer for Big Voice Pictures’ and client productions, and is key media consultant and strategist for numerous clients. Simon creates and manages release strategies for Big Voice Pictures’ projects including: theatrical and online distribution, exhibition, ancillary, educational distribution, film festivals, word of mouth promotion, television broadcasts publicity and media buying. He’s distributed Big Voice Pictures’ films for broadcast and to thousands of organizations, libraries, universities, counseling centers, correctional facilities, military bases and churches worldwide. Additionally, he assisted in the distribution of a theatrical release motion picture about the Holocaust, securing placement on Netflix and worldwide distribution. Simon creates dynamic national outreach and impact campaigns for Big Voice Pictures’ documentaries, organizing hundreds of screenings and panel discussion in communities and leading conferences across the globe, and forges collaborative partnerships with organizations, lawmakers and influencers to maximize awareness, dialogue and social change. He’s managed publicity for Big Voice Pictures’ films and events, featured in hundreds of articles, blogs, reviews, and media programs throughout the nation. Simon is a frequent speaker and trainer for the military, utilizing Big Voice documentaries as training and awareness tools. His early career included marketing, media relations and fundraising for leading non-profit organizations.

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