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"Boys and Men Healing is a powerful film, which will truly benefit men sexually abused as children, and those who care about them…. Kathy Barbini’s film has the potential to transform those stories and voices into healing –not only for individuals but also for families, communities, and even societies." -- Jim Hopper, Ph.D., Founding Board Member, 1in6 


"The film is a powerful message for male survivors who may be too ashamed or caught up in gender stereotypes to progress into healing.  This work gives men a model of strength and recovery from something that they did not want in childhood and provides a good message of hope and healing." -- Ken Singer, LCSW, Author, Evicting the Perpetrator: A Male Survivors Guide to Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse"


"Boys and Men Healing is an excellent film for teaching about children's experiences of sexual abuse and the multiple influences that support their healing and recovery.  I consider this film a marvelous gift!" -- Ernesto Jujica, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, NYSPA Division of Psychoanalysis, Facilitator for Weekends of Recovery


     Film Summary:


Boys and Men Healing is a documentary about the impact the sexual abuse of boys has on both the individual and society, and the importance of healing and speaking out for male survivors to end the devastating effects. The film portrays stories of three courageous non-offending men whose arduous healing helped them reclaim their lives—while giving them a powerful voice to speak out, and take bold action toward prevention for other boys.  The film includes a support group of men and is testimony to the importance of men finding safe places to support one another and share their stories together.  The film was produced in association with the International Documentary Association. 




David Lisak's moving and poignant personal story of healing and speaking out about his own childhood sexual abuse, is an inspiring account of the ability to reclaim life and thrive after the devastating effects of abuse. 

David is also a leading clinical psychologist and noted authority on the long term impact of child sexual abuse on men, including the cycle of violence. His work is a serious call-to-action for communities to participate in helping boys and men break silence about childhood sexual abuse, and to provide much needed resources, services and support in order to participate in helping men heal and lead healthy lives.

David's honesty about his own abuse both as a professional and a survivor, the effects the abuse had on his life, and his commitment to heal and speak out, is a humbling witness to his courage, as he lights the way for other men to begin their healing journey.



Mark Crawford's story is a true hero's journey of a survivor of clergy abuse working relentlessly and successfully against all odds to change unjust laws and to seek justice for male survivors. 

Mark’s arduous healing, and consequent commitment to help survivors, along with his ongoing efforts to educate about pedophiles in communities, and his tenacity in changing still unjust laws, will have us cheering him on, and joining him!

Mark's commitment to his family, his own healing, and his advocacy is a remarkable story of what one man can do not only to change his own life, but the lives of so many others who are have been silenced for too long.  Mark will see to it that justice will be served survivors, and that children will be protected.



Tony Rogers, raped by a pedophile when he was 9-years old, breaks the cycle of violence and self-destruction through his commitment to heal. 
After being unable to find a support group for male survivors in his community, he joined with other men to start a much needed peer-led group.  Witnessing his fellowship with other men, and the sensitivity and authenticity in their sharing, is a beautiful testimony of men breaking silence and isolation, taking the initiative to join together, and rebuilding a sense of deep trust with other men.                                                                                                    
Tony turned his life around and is now a mentor for other boys.  From toting a gun on the streets, he chose a life of healing.  Subsequently, he graduated from UC Berkeley, became a 6th grade teacher, and continues to speak out in his community to educate about the sexual abuse of boys.  


Boys and Men Healing is a source of hope and inspiration for all men who have suffered sexual abuse and violence. The men are candid about a seemingly hopeless issue which effects us all.  The film is witness to survivors' ability to thrive and lead fulfilling lives, while advocating for prevention and education to protect children.

Also featuring courageous men with Tony in a peer support group: Tim, Richard, T., and Antonio .

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National Sexual Assualt Conference

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National Meeting/State and Territorial Sexual Assault Coalitions

Florida Council Against Sexual Assault/Sexual Violence Training Summit

Men’s Project, Canadian Premiere

Texas Coalition Against Sexual Assault

International MaleSurvivor Conference

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma International Conference

National Child Protection Training Center

End Violence Against Women International

Alaska Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault/Wyoming Office of the Attorney General Division of Victim Services

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

Kawartha Rape Crisis Center, Ontario

Columbia University

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This powerful and moving documentary tells the stories of three courageous men, two white and one African American, who have found healing for themselves and helped many others (Asian American, Latino and gay men are also featured).  It is an insightful, wise and compassionate film that perfectly balances storytelling and reflection on issues affecting all men sexually abused as boys, including struggles with intimacy and the cycle of violence. Boys and Men Healing brings not only understanding, but great hope and inspiration, to men still struggling with the effects of sexual abuse, to those who care about them, and to anyone open to learning more about this issue. It truly has the potential to transform individuals, families and societies. -

--1in6, Inc., a non-profit organization that offers online support and resources for the estimated 18 million American men who suffer as a result of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood, offers their thoughts about the film:



Los Niños y los Hombres Sanándose (Subtítulos en español incluidos en las opciones del menú.)

Este poderoso y conmovedor documental relata las historias de tres hombres valientes, dos blancos y un afroamericano, quienes se han sanado y han ayudado a muchos otros hombres (además aparecen hombres asiáticos americanos, latinos y gay).  Es una película intuitiva, sabia y compasiva que balancea perfectamente la narración de historias personales con la reflexión sobre asuntos que afectan a todos los hombres que fueron abusados sexualmente durante su niñez, entre ellos las luchas con la intimidad y el ciclo de violencia.    Boys and Men Healing no solamente trae un entendimiento, sino también una gran esperanza e inspiración para los hombres que luchan con los efectos del abuso sexual, y para quienes se preocupan por ellos, así como para cualquier persona que busca aprender más sobre este tema.  La película tiene un verdadero potencial para transformar individuos, familias y sociedades.



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